Domenico  Canestrale, pittore e scultore, educato all'accademia di Brera e cresciuto artisticamente a Milano. Attualmente lavora a Spotorno (SV). Le sue opere si possono trovare in tutta Italia.


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Domenico Canestrale

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Domenico has within himself the urge to model sculptures which appear to have their own energy to come to exist. At Brera, the world renowned art  Academy located in Milan, Domenico has had the top level education that an artist may receive, in terms of exposure to classic and traditional techniques of figurative expression, as well as to an impressive wealth of art history. At the beginning of his career Domenico lived and worked in Milan. His first works were inspired first by impressionism, and later by surrealism. The sculptures of Canestrale are made of different souls. He has worked and works with various materials like wood, marble, bronze and more. The material being used is also related to the inspiration felt by the artist. Currently Domenico works most of his time in Spotorno near Savona, on the Riviera. Still, many of his works have found a home in various collections. The peculiarity of Domenico’s works lies in his own technique for which forms seem to free themselves from the nature of their element, emerging with a shout. When standing in front of a sculpture by Canestrale, emotions are guaranteed. His works do not allow anyone approaching them to remain indifferent.


Quite immediate, genuine is Canestrale’s sculpture. The artist seems to pursue images stemming with urge from deep within his soul: a need he manages to temper through meditation that his hand turns real, carve after carve. If thoughts are profoundly felt, Canestrale succeeds in proposing objects that seem to enliven upon simple touch, and which you cannot help but caress. Deepest thoughts hide inside certain wrinkles and expressions: only a native demureness prevent exclamations to burst. (Dario Lodi)

Domenico Canestrale, Residente a Melzo (MI) in via Bergamo, 27 e Domiciliato a Spotorno (SV) in via Genova, 3/4
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